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CYMA is now stocking canvas totes. For those users that told us they must have 100% cotton canvas, we listened. In addition to the Natural color grocery totes, we have a Kiwi color shoulder tote and a Natural color pocket tote. These totes are made from heavy duty 12oz cotton canvas with handles made from self material.


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CYMA Reusable Bags

                    Helpful products for your life and travels. We carry you around!

At CYMA, we have revolutionized the reusable bag industry. Featuring dozens of products, our company tailors to the needs of every shopper, from busy moms to wine connoisseurs. We proudly make durable reusable bags you can take anywhere you shop. From grocery stores to malls, CYMA bags “carry you around!”

CYMA bags are made from Eco-friendly materials as an alternative to furthering the production of disposable bags. CYMA bags can be used again and again, whereas disposable plastic bags easily tear holes and are thrown into people’s household trash, which eventually ends up in landfills and oceans all over the Earth. By investing in CYMA bags, you can feel good about doing your part to save the planet. Each CYMA bag holds at least double the amount of product as an ordinary disposable plastic bag, and lasts infinitely longer.

Recently at CYMA, we have added 100% cotton canvas bags to our line of reusable bag products. This was a result of customer demand. CYMA bags strives to ensure 100% satisfaction among its customer base. These products are readily available for purchase at most major retailers across America and even some independently-owned grocery stores. It is not difficult to stumble upon these top-rated eco-friendly products. So consider adding these wonderful accessories to your bag collection. It can have a considerable [positive] impact upon our planet and our future.


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